How to Wash Away Dog Hair

Knowing how to wash away dog hair is something many dog owners are in search of. When you get a new pet you may not think about how much hair they will shed, which ultimately means you will be vacuuming, brushing, sweeping, and washing it away. Not only will your floors see a lot of dog hair, but your bed sheets, furniture, and clothes will also need more attention in order for them to look their best.

Minimize Shedding by Grooming Your Dog
One of the best ways to keep dog hair from getting on everything is to routinely groom your dog so hair that you remove is controlled and can easily be thrown away rather than have it rub off all over your clothes and home. A dog’s grooming brush will brush away dog hair and they will love the extra attention you are giving them. This also helps your dog lose excess hair that makes them hot during the warmer months.

Another method of removing excess dog hair is by using duct tape and rolling it in a circle so the sticky side is out and patting it over your dog so lose hair gets stuck on the tape and not on your clothes. There are other types of rolling tools you can buy at the store but duct tape works just as well and helps you save money.

Thoroughly Wash Your Clothes to Remove Dog Hair
It does not matter how nice your outfit is if it is covered in dog hair. To remove dog hair by washing your clothes, wash and dry your clothes in a washing machine and dryer as you normally would. The key is to empty out your lint trap, that will have dog hair trapped in it, after every cycle in the dryer to clothes in your next load will not get fur on them. Plus, you risk putting your house on fire by not removing lint from the lint trap.

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