How to Keep Beds for Dogs Last

Beds for dogs are not always cheap, especially when you get those that are high in quality. What is especially frustrating is if you buy a new dog bed only to need a new one in as little as a month because of lumpy bedding or embedded dirt that you simply can not get rid of. It will take a little help from you in order to make a dog bed last its lifetime while providing your faithful pooch with a comfortable place to nap.


Tips for Properly Washing Beds for Dogs

Just like how you need to clean your bed sheets, the same goes for the bed your dog sleeps on. Indestructible beds for dogs are often easy to clean after a simple wipe down but those with bedding and slipcovers will take a little more effort on your part. One of the best ways to prolong the life of a dog bed is to keep it clean.

Make it a habit of washing every dog bed once a week or twice a month. Remove the slip cover and shake off any dog hair, dust, and dirt you can and then wash it in your washing machine as you would with any other clothes. If it is really dirty, consider soaking it in hot water for ten minutes prior to washing it. It is better to let it air dry to prevent it from shrinking.

For the actual bedding, soak it in a tub of hot water with gentle soap for a few minutes. After a good soak, get new water and squeeze the bedding while in the clean water. You can repeat this process if dirt is still getting squeezed out but it is better to leave it out of a washing machine as this can cause lumpy bedding. The same applies to drying it, let it air dry with the slipcover for a few hours.


Rotating Dog Beds

Consider buying a few different dog beds to have around the house. Not only will your dog appreciate having a place to nap in different places but this allows you to rotate the beds so those in a favorite resting place can next go to an area your dog stays in less.

Keep in mind to get the right type of dog bed if you really want it to last. Buying a fluffy bed will not go well with a chew-happy puppy. Instead, a chew proof dog bed can save you money and a lot of reprimanding when you come home to fluff all over your house.

Dog Beds for Pets, a website with helpful dog tips, gives detailed information about the different type of dog beds that are for sale and how to keep them in good shape. Other information dog owners can find includes dog health and what chewproof dog beds are available so your young dog can still have a comfortable place to rest.