Water Proof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds come in handy when you want to give your dog a bed outside near a pool, if he slobbers a lot, or if they are still not completely house trained and have accidents inside. The best place to look for waterproof dog beds is online because the selection at pet stores may not give you all of the options you want. Of course that does not mean that you will not find the perfect dog bed for you at your pet store if you look at the right time.

If you are trying to train your puppy to go potty outside you know that it will not happen overnight. Some dogs are pretty good about not going potty on their bed but that does not mean it will never happen. Regular dog beds are not made to hold any water so you are most likely going to have to throw it away if your dog has an accident on it. A waterproof dog bed lets you simply hose it down, perhaps with very mild soap, to make it clean.

If your family enjoys the outdoors it is a nice idea to have a waterproof cool dog bed outside in the backyard so they have a nice place to relax while the family is enjoying some time in the sun. A waterproof dog bed means you will not have to worry about the bed getting rained on so it can stay outside even when you are not. This is also nice if you have a pool and your dogs enjoys going for a swim with you sometimes. Once they are done they can recoup on their padded waterproof dog bed.

Some waterproof dog beds are also chew proof. This means it does not matter if a dog chews and gets slobber all over the bed since the material can handle it. If your dog is a breed that slobbers a lot, a waterproof bed makes it easier for you to wash it rather then let the bed soak it all into the cushion.

Getting the right sized waterproof dog bed is similar to how you would go about getting any other bed. However, if it is going to stay outside you can probably afford to get a larger one since there is more room for it. If you want to move the bed to different rooms you want to ensure it is not too big for one of those areas. To be on the safe side, get a bed that is a little bigger than your dog so you do not risk having to exchange it because the dog cannot sit comfortably on the bed with the length of his body.

Purchasing Waterproof Dog Beds
If you have not liked what your local pet store offers for waterproof dog beds, consider shopping online. You are much more likely to find a color and pattern you prefer with the countless choices you have online. Keep in mind that shipping may cost a lot if you do not pick the right company to buy from. Some ship dog beds for as low as $5 while others may void shipping fees altogether if you pay a minimum amount. Also plan ahead if you want to take the waterproof dog bed with you on vacation so it arrives in the mail in time.