Square Dog Beds

Square dog beds do the same as any other dog bed on the market today. They give your dog a comfortable and supportive place to sleep instead of on a hard and cold floor. How your dog prefers lying down will tell you if they will enjoy having a square dog bed. There are a lot of different colors, sizes, patterns, and prints to choose from so you can easily make it match the rest of your furniture or give it some flare if it fits your dog’s personality.

How to Tell if Your Dog Will Like a Square Dog Bed
Think about how you most often see your dog resting or make a note to pay attention the next time your dog is laying down. Some dogs stretch out on their tummies, others prefer to lay on their sides, while some prefer to curl up in a ball. Square dog beds are best for those who like laying on their tummy or on their side without curling up. This shape lets them stretch out more while remaining on the cushion.

How to Size a Square Dog Bed
One of the most important things you need to remember when buying a square dog bed is to make sure it is big enough for your dog. You may catch them sleeping with their head dangling off their bed but that does not mean they will always want that. You will need to measure your dog length-wise when he is laying down to see how many inches the dog bed needs to be. It is always best to get a bigger dog bed than one that is too small. A medium sized dog may need an extra large square bed because of how long they are when they lay down.

How to Choose a Type of Square Dog Bed
Square dog beds are very popular and come in many different types. There are waterproof, chew proof, and designer square dog beds available online and in your local pet store. Some have memory foam cushions while others will simply have stuffing inside. The price often reflects the type of materials that were used. Cheap dog beds may be easier on your budget but they usually do not last very long since your dog’s weight will cause the middle of the bed to flatten out.

Older dogs will enjoy a memory foam square dog bed since it supports their aging bones better. Dogs with thick coats who seem to like laying on the tile could benefit from a poly resin chew proof dog bed since it stays cool but gives them some ideal support so they do not develop arthritis from laying on a hard floor. Think of how your dog likes to sleep and factor in his age to determine which type of square dog bed he will like the most.

Pet stores will always sell a couple of square dog beds but if you are looking for a specific color or pattern it may be best to conduct your search online so you can compare prices and shipping fees and usually get a square dog bed within a week.