Small Dog Beds

Small dog beds are easy to find wherever you look since small dogs are very popular. Of course, they deserve the right type of bed for them so they are comfortable. Small dogs can get cold easier than larger dogs, so finding one that is properly heated or a cozy cave small dog bed can be exactly what they want. Also, small dogs need to rest more than larger ones, especially the first couple of months after birth. It is extremely important to not overstimulate small dogs or they can get critically sick and giving them a comfortable dog bed will help.

Which Small Dog Bed is Best
There is not right or wrong dog bed for every small dog there is. It all depends on your dog’s preference. Do not assume that any small bed will be large enough for your small dog. It is still important to measure your dog when he is laying down so you can make sure the bed you are interested in will not be too small.

If your small dog likes to curl up, a round dog bed or cozy cave dog bed can be a good option. If they are always in your lap or like to curl under a blanket, consider getting one that is heated so their little bodies can stay warm. You need to be cautious when it comes to heated dog beds. Make sure it does not get too hot and test the bed before letting your dog use it to see if the heat spreads out evenly across the bed so there are no hot spots. If you cannot find a heated dog bed in the style you like, try using a heating pad.

Some small dogs will prefer resting on their side or stretching out on their tummies. If this is what your dog likes, try a square dog bed since it gives them a bit more room to stretch out and remain on the cushion.

No matter what style of bed you choose, one that is small will cost less than an extra large of the same brand and style. You can easily find any sized dog bed under $100 that can last up to a year if it is properly taken care of. Some small dog beds may be around $50 and still be made with high-quality materials. If you do go for a cheaper bed under $50, be prepared to buy one at least every couple of months. Quality small dog beds will have long-lasing cushions with cedar chips to reduce odor and dirt resistant material so you do not have to wash the slip cover every week to keep dirt and stains from building up.

Types of Small Dog Beds
Since small dogs are so popular you do not have to search long before finding out how many different styles of small dog beds there are. Puppy owners can save a lot of money on small chew proof dog beds while adult dogs can get a good night’s sleep with a small memory foam dog bed. The choice is really up to you and what you believe is best for your small dog.