Indestructible Dog Beds

Indestructible dog beds can help dog owners save money if their puppy or adult dog becomes grumpy and wants to take out their anger on something near them. Their dog bed is an easy target, especially if you lock a dog inside a small room with their bed while you are a way to keep them from chewing on your expensive furniture. Indestructible dog beds are preferable for adult dogs who still chew on things or get so anxious and frustrated when you are away from home that they tend to rip things to pieces. In order to prevent having to bring home a new dog bed every time you come back from work, an indestructible dog bed can save you a lot of time and finger pointing.

Indestructible Versus Other Dog Beds
You may think that the only thing that can be considered indestructible for some dogs is giving them a sheet of steel to sleep on. Fortunately for them, there are softer materials that can still provide them with warmth and comfort but will not give in to their doggy ways. Indestructible dog beds can be made out of tough canvas, nylon, micro suede, or poly resin. These are difficult for dogs to chew into and many will give up when they know they cannot win the fight. Other dog beds are made with softer materials that are not as tight as these so teeth can easily tear it apart.

How Indestructible are They?
Indestructible dog beds may not be completely indestructible depending on your dog and the material you choose. Some materials may be better than others, as well as their quality. However, they are definitely tougher than other dog beds. There is not a completely indestructible dog bed out there. If a dog is grumpy and motivated, he may be able to chew a hole into their indestructible dog bed at some point. It is best not to go cheap when it comes to this type of bed since the kind of material it is made with can make all of the difference.

Things to Consider
Proper care of an indestructible dog bed will extend its life and help keep the dog from successfully chewing into it. Routinely take off the slip cover and wash it so dirt and stains are removed. This can be helped if you choose a machine washable dog bed that uses dirt resistant materials.

Do not choose an indestructible dog bed that is not similar to the bed your dog is using now. There are those that have a cushion but have a tougher slip cover so there is less of a chance of your dog chewing into it. If your dog prefers laying on the cool tile at home, consider getting a poly resin indestructible dog bed since it will stay cooler than other pet beds but does not get destroyed as easily.

Dogs that enjoy curling up to sleep will prefer a round indestructible dog bed while others that stretch out or lay on their side will like sleeping on a square dog bed. Keep this in mind when shopping in your pet store or online for an indestructible dog bed.