Elevated Dog Beds

An elevated dog bed may seem silly and uncomfortable when first seen. However, they do have advantages that some dogs prefer or may require depending on their owners’ lifestyles. Dog beds that are elevated just a couple of inches can be used both indoors and out, keep dogs away from pests, and are easy to clean. Some dog owners may not even realize how their dog can benefit from having an elevated dog bed until they happen to come across one and learn what it can do to make their dog happier and healthier.

Choose its Elevation Wisely

Not all elevated dog beds come in the same height off the ground and this can cause problems for older dogs if it is too high for them to comfortably get into their bed. An elevated dog bed that is 4 1/2 inches off the ground is best for older dogs, while younger ones can go a bit higher. Of course, the elevation may become a factor if you are trying to keep your dog away from pests or moisture on taller grass or larger pests. Consider where you want to use an elevated dog bed and the age of your pet so you do not risk hurting the dog when trying to help him.

Elevated Dog Beds Come with Versatility

Most dog beds cannot be used outdoors; however, that is not the case when you buy an elevated dog bed. These beds are styled like a cot and are often made with waterproof materials that can withstand rain. In fact, washing an elevated dog bed does not require a washer or dryer since you can just use a cloth, hose with soap and water, or use a safe disinfectant to clean it. Many doggy daycares, kennels, animal hospitals, and veterinarians use this type of bed because of how easy it is to clean and they can include elevated dog beds in their outdoor play area.

In addition to being easy to clean, an elevated dog bed is much more hygienic than more traditional dog beds since it does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria. If your dog gets fleas, you will not have to clean the bed or throw it away to get rid of them. An elevated dog bed requires less maintenance and care than pillow beds.

Provide Your Dog with a Supportive Bed

Dog owners often choose a bed so their dog has a comfortable place to rest. It may not look as comfortable as a pillow bed, but an elevated dog bed evenly distributes the dog’s weight instead of pillows that clump in some spots and eventually become uneven. In fact, dogs with joint-related difficulties often benefit by having an elevated dog bed as it cuts down on elbow calluses. Geriatric dogs can definitely keep their bones happier but all dogs can benefit from having an elevated dog bed by promoting joint health.