Dog Beds for Large Dogs

At first glance, it may seem like all large dog beds will be fine for your large dog. However, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a large dog bed so you do not spend your money on something that does not fit in your room, is too small for your dog, or is so uncomfortable that your dog never uses it. At Dog Pet Beds, we want to help you find the perfect large dog bed that will become your dog’s favorite sleeping area besides your bed.

Large Dogs have Large Needs
Every dog is different and they all have their own preference on how they rest. Some enjoy curling up in a tight space while others prefer to stretch out. Obviously this effects the type of large dog bed you will want to get. If your dog likes to burrow into a small area and curl up a round dog bed can help them feel more comfortable. Dogs who prefer stretching out are often comfortable on large or extra large square dog beds.

If you have a puppy, remember that although they are small now he or she will grow quickly and will need a large dog bed before you know it. Choose a dog bed that is large enough for the puppy to grow in the upcoming months and be prepared to buy a larger bed once they have reached their mature size.
Find Space in Your Home
One aspect some people may not think about is that there needs to be enough room in your home to fit a large dog bed so it is out of the way. If you think a space might work, measure the area and compare it to the sizes of large dog beds you are looking at. Keep in mind that dogs tend to be protective of their home and owners and will enjoy having a bed by a door or window. Having more than one bed lets them have comfortable places to rest wherever the rest of the family happens to be.

Having a large dog bed in your living room will mean that your guests will see it when they visit. Choose a dog bed that matches the rest of your furniture. Even better, choose a dog bed that feels like furniture as it will often be enjoyed by your dog and may help keep them off your furniture when you leave the house.

Price Versus Quality
Large dog beds tend to be more expensive since more materials are required. However, choosing the cheapest large dog bed available generally will not end up saving you money since cushions will flatten out in just a couple of months or less. Memory foam large dog beds are one of the best options today as they support your dog’s body as it molds to their shape. Large dog beds between $90 and $120 are a good compromise since they are typically made with better materials and will last for about a year.