Designer Dog Beds

Designer dog beds are not just for purebred dogs. Any dog owner who enjoys pampering their pet will find gorgeous designer dog beds that fit their home’s style or the personality of their dog. Unfortunately, some designer dog beds pay more attention in design rather than quality. Therefore, pet owners need to ensure the quality of the materials used for a designer dog bed is just as good as those without fancy print or lace.

What to Look for in Designer Dog Beds
The best place to look for a designer dog bed is at a specialty pet store that tends to sell high-end goods. Being able to see the bed in person allows you to know what type of condition it is in and if it will last long enough for you to get your money’s worth. The Internet does have a good selection but determining quality can be difficult.

Always read the description that comes with a dog bed to learn what type of material the cover is made out of. The best will have dirt resistance fabric so you do not have a designer bed covered with dirt after just a few days. It should also have cedar chips mixed in the bed’s cushion to reduce odor from spreading and taking over the room.

One of the most important things to consider is how much support your dog will get with each type of designer dog bed. If a cushion is made with poor materials it will flatten out in no time so your dog might as well be sleeping on the kitchen floor. Older dogs especially need proper support in order to prevent arthritis and encourage them to get a good night’s sleep. Extra fill may be required in a designer dog bed to give an older dog the support they need and will come at an extra price.
How to Choose the Shape of a Designer Dog Bed
No matter how large or small your dog is, a designer dog bed must be large enough to accommodate them so they are comfortable. A dog who cannot find a cozy spot on their designer bed simply will not use it. Measure your dog when he is laying down to see how long their bed needs to be. Always choose a bed that is a bit bigger than them so they can stretch out as much as they want. Some dogs like to curl up and prefer being in a tight space, which means they may want a smaller dog bed but that has to be up to your dog and not you.

Large dogs tend to prefer flat and square designer beds so they can stretch out while smaller dogs prefer to curl up and will enjoy a round designer bed. If you have a toy breed, it is best to find a designer dog bed that has at least three sides so they have something to snuggle with and prevents them from falling out and potentially hurting themselves because of their small size, especially when they are still young.

No matter how cute the designer dog bed is, if it does not have enough support then it is not worth the health and well-being of your dog.