Cozy Cave Dog Beds

Cozy cave dog beds are enjoyed by many different breeds and come in many different colors and sizes so even large dogs can enjoy the comfort of being surrounded by soft material. Some chewing dogs like feeling secure by having something over their heads and a cozy cave dog bed provides them with just that. Your dog can imagine he is hiding while being able to peak his head out to watch what is going on.

Reasons to Choose a Cozy Cave Dog Bed
If your dog likes to sleep underneath the legs of your recliner or a table they may prefer to have a cozy cave dog bed so they feel safe and hidden. This type of dog bed is especially nice for those who like to go under the covers in bed or under a blanket on the couch. The extra material that creates the cave helps dogs feel warm but they do not need to rely on you to lay a blanket over them or stretch out on the recliner.

Cozy cave dog beds come in different styles so you can choose one that is most comfortable for your dog. This type of dog bed is excellent for older dogs who need orthopedic support so they can rest their aging bones and muscles. Some beds have firm caves so the extra fabric does not sit right on top of the dog while others have a more relaxed material so dogs can feel like they are under their favorite blanket. Cozy cave dog beds come in a ton of different colors and some patterns so you can choose which one will look the best in the room it is going in.

Cozy Cave Dog Beds for Large Breeds
Cozy cave dog beds do not just have to be for smaller dogs. Dog owners can find these dog beds that are as little as 35 inches and as big as 45 inches across. It is recommended that owners choose the small cozy cave dog bed for pets under 25 pounds, the large size for dogs between 26 and 40 pounds, and the extra large size for dogs up to 85 pounds. Their weight is not the only thing to consider. Measure your dog when they are laying down to see if they will have enough space to be comfortable.

Most dog owners know that their pet may experience separation anxiety when they leave the home. A cozy cave bed gives dogs added security so they feel safe when not in your presence. Furthermore, many dog bed manufacturers include cedar chips to help reduce odor. Cozy cave dog beds have an outer slip cover that can be removed and washed so it stays and smells clean since oil and dirt are often brought in from your dog’s coat and deposited when they rest in their bed.

Fortunately, cozy cave dog beds are not anymore expensive than other dog bed options available. Even the extra large size can be found under $100. By purchasing a cozy cave dog bed made with high-quality materials you will find that it lasts much longer than cheaper versions so you save money in the long run.