Cool Dog Beds

Cool dog beds can make a world of difference to a dog who has a lot of fur and has trouble cooling down after playing outside, going for a walk, or simply spending time outdoors in the hot summer months. These dog beds are made with materials to keep your dog cool on a soft and dry bed. Many dogs can benefit from how well a cooling dog bed supports their bones and dog owners can enjoy the other advantages a cool dog bed has over other traditional pillow beds.

Reasons to Keep your Dog Cool

If your dog avoids carpets and seeks tile or wooden floors to sleep on it is often because they are warm and want a cool surface. This is common in breeds who have long and thick coats. If you live in a warm climate, the summer can be especially hard for a dog who wants to stay cool. A cooling dog bed can help because of the contents inside, often a mix of foam and fluid, that help keep the dog at room temperature. The outer membrane forms to the shape of your dog so it has the support many dogs need for bad joints, hips, skin disorders, or other health problems.

Just like humans, dogs need to stay cool to avoid getting overheated. Instead of keeping your dog inside, a cool dog bed can help him balance his temperature so he can rest comfortably and prevent heat stroke. Dogs cannot tolerate high temperatures as much as we can and it can be easy to forget when enjoying the outdoors. Although heat stroke is most commonly due to keeping dogs in parked cars, it is possible for them to get it from being overworked outdoors and not have enough water or shade to rest. Cool dog beds can help them recover without having to stay away from the fun outdoors.

Benefits of Canine Cooling Beds

Cool dog beds come with other benefits in addition to keeping your dog at his comfortable temperature. Most of them are easy to clean by simply wiping the surface with water, mild soap, or a safe disinfectant. Furthermore, fleas cannot burrow or lay eggs in a cooling dog bed, which means pet owners do not have to worry about the bed being infected if their dog gets fleas.

If your dog will benefit from having a soft bed with a cooling effect, cool dog beds can be the solution you are looking for. They are available in many different sizes so both large and small dogs can enjoy staying cool while they rest. If you are looking for a dog bed for an older dog, a canine cooling bed is a great option, especially if you are already interested in a memory foam dog bed but want to help your dog stay cool so they can still enjoy playing outside whenever they want without risking their health.