Chew Proof Dog beds

Puppies love to chew and that may not stop when they reach adulthood. Chew proof dog beds help dog owners save money by not having to replace old, chewed up dog beds multiple times a year… or week. Dogs will not stop chewing after they have made a hole in their bed. They will then want to rip out the stuffing and have it scatter across the whole home. Instead of locking them up on hardwood floors in a small bathroom where they are miserable and just as likely to scratch at the door or chew the door frame, let them work on a chew proof dog bed while they rest in comfort.

Are Chew Proof Dog Beds Attractive?
Although the thought of not having to replace another dog bed is appealing, you may be skeptical about how attractive a chew proof dog bed is. Luckily, there are materials available that are durable and will not stick out in your living room. Some chew proof dog beds are made with tough Denier Nylon yarn, which is the most durable nylon in its class. This chew proof pillow dog bed can resist abrasions and tearing but is very hard to dye so it is most often found in black. Luckily it can be found for under $100. Since it is a pillow bed it looks just as attractive as a regular round or rectangle or square dog bed without the stuffing missing from it.

Other chew proof dog beds are created using a furniture-grade polyresin frame that can be used either indoors or out. The chew proof design has orthopedic support so your dog is comfortable while resting. One benefit of this type of dog bed is that it is easy to clean. Some dog owners find that when a dog learns that he cannot do any damage to an object he soon leaves it alone and since many dogs outgrow their chewing phase a chew proof dog bed does not have to be a permanent object in your home.

Safety Advantages
If your dog chews and you see stuffing all over your house you may not think that they are actually eating any of it. However, that may not be true and other buttons or zippers could have been ingested during their frenzy as well as the stuffing. Chew proof pillow dog beds use Velcro to close the bed so there is no risk of them swallowing something that can make them sick. Other chew proof dog beds do not have loose parts so dogs cannot pinpoint and target it for a good round of chewing.

Sizing Chew Proof Dog Beds
How you size a dog bed is similar to any other type of dog bed on the market today. Choosing the shape and size depends on your dog and how it likes to lay down. There are round and rectangle chew proof dog beds for dogs that prefer to curl up or stretch out. Memory foam chew proof dog beds are available for full support. How much a chew proof dog bed can cost is typically not much more expensive than a regular dog bed but varies on how big it is and what type of cushion it uses.