Car Beds for Dogs

Dog owners frequently travel with their beloved dog and you can always tell the dog is enjoying it as its head sticks out the window with an expression you can only assume is a smile. However, keeping your dog safe while in a vehicle is important and a car bed is your solution to ensure they are secure and comfortable. Letting dogs travel in an uncovered pickup truck is dangerous in more ways than one and should be avoided at all costs, especially with safe dog beds available today.

Why Buy a Car Bed?
Some pet owners may think a car bed is not necessary since their dog enjoys having their freedom in the car. Unfortunately, this can be a distraction to the driver. Furthermore, if you get in an accident a dog is likely to get critically injured if not properly restrained like a person. If they are in your lap or the passenger seat and get in an accident the car’s air bag could also cause injury. A car bed for dogs keeps your pet comfortable and lets them enjoy the ride without you having to worry about his safety, which allows you to concentrate on driving. In fact, the Humane Society of the United States recommends pet owners who travel with their dogs to use a car bed.

Prices of Car Beds for Dogs
The price of dog beds may be pricier than dog owners hope and could be why many people are skeptical to buy them. They are growing in popularity as more and more dog owners consider the risks involved with letting your dog travel in your car freely. Even if your dog can no longer stick its head out the window, they are sure to enjoy being in the car with you instead of home alone. Dogs can be a distraction to other drivers if their head is outside a window, which only endangers them more. Many stores sell them at prices as low as $60 but there are some that go up to $200, which makes the price similar to car seats for infants and toddlers.

Where to Place Dog Car Beds
Once you have purchased a dog car bed, it is important that you put it in a safe spot inside the car. The front passenger seat is not where the dog should be harnessed as he could be injured in an accident if the passenger air bag is set off. The best place for a car bed is in the backseat. Properly read instructions to make sure the car bed for your dog is correctly installed. After all, you do not want it to cause more harm than good.

It may take a few trips for your dog to be comfortable inside the car bed, especially if he is used to riding freely. However, if you keep with it then he will soon enjoy the ride just as much as he did before. Puppies that begin in a dog car bed will not know anything different and will enjoy watching cars pass or taking a quick nap while on the road.